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eichels GmbH
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Niedersächsischer Leichtathletik Verband e.V.
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D-30169 Hanover, Germany



Marathon - Marathon-Relay - Half marathon - 10 km Run - 10 km Walking/ Nordic Walking - Fun Run - Kids Run


Men/women: The classification is according to the DLO age groups M/W main class, M/W 30, M/W35, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55, M/W60, M/W65, M/W70, M/W75 and older. Team classification: The team classification is based on summing the times of three respective runners who finish and form a club or other organisation.

Note: For the team classification the name of the runner’s club must be made visible in standardised lettering.
A sequential ranking system is used, i.e. the ranking is based on the order in which runners cross the finishing line irrespective of the age grouping (single or team) but according to the male/female classification split.

Starting Times April, 14th 2024
Discipline StartFinish
Handbike Marathon 08:5015:30 h
ADAC Marathon 09:0015:30 h
Marathon-Relay 09:3015:30 h
Half Marathon 10:4014:15 h
10 k - Run 13:1515:45 h
Walking - 10 k 13:4015:45 h
Nordic Walking - 10k 13:4515:45 h
Subject to change.   

Anybody who is older than the age which is specified in the rules is eligible to enter. The organiser shall reserve the right at any time to exclude the athlete from participating in the event or to remove them from the competitive rankings in those cases in which the athlete has provided false personal details at least carelessly in registering for the event, breaches one of the rules of the abovementioned sports federations during participation, is subject to a ban from one of the abovementioned sports federations, is under suspicion of planning to participate in the event having consumed banned substances (doping), changes or conceals the printed start number which is issued to the athlete by the organiser or a sponsor's logo which is placed on this printed start number and participates in the event with such change or concealment, participates in the event using sporting equipment which is not explicitly allowed according to the submission of the organiser or whose use during the event breaches one of the rules of these conditions of entry of the abovementioned sports federations, contravenes the instructions issued by the marshals and thus disrupts the proper running of the event or jeopardises their own safety or health or that of other athletes, marshals or visitors.

The ADAC Marathon Hannover will be implemented according to the regulations of the Deutscher Leichtathletik Verband (DLV) and the IAAF and under the supervision of the Niedersächsischer Leichtathletik Verband (NLV). These conditions of participation regulate the legal relationship between the participant and the tour operator, they are subject to occasional change as regards content and are - in their valid version at the time of the participant’s registration - part of the contract between participant and tour operator. The latest version of the conditions of participation is available on the website.

Extract from the conditions of entry

Entry is always at the participants' own risk. The organiser shall only be liable - apart from the losses which are stated in the liability disclaimer - up to the amount of the third-party liability insurance which is taken out for the event, currently for personal injury and damage to property up to a sum of 2,600,000.00 euros (maximum compensation for all losses). The organiser's liability disclaimer is expressly recognised!
The organiser accepts no liability for coats and other articles which are placed in storage.

You can pick up your bib number at follwing times. Please ensure to bring your confirmation of participation!

Opening times:
Friday - 15:00-19:00 hrs.
Saturday - 10:00-19:00 hrs
Sunday - 7:00-16:00 hrs

Athletes can only register using the official registration form which must be completed in full and signed in person by the participant or online.

Payment may only be made by cheque or direct debit. Postal registrations which do not include a cheque or any direct debit instruction will not be processed. The debiting of the cheque or direct debit instruction shall be deemed to constitute the paying-in slip and receipt.
The organiser shall be entitled, in cases of force majeure or on account of official orders or for safety reasons, to make changes to the event or to cancel the event. In these cases, the organiser shall not be obliged to pay any compensation to the athlete. Consideration shall only be given to reimbursement of the entry fee when the event is cancelled completely if the cancellation is the fault of the organiser. If the organiser is responsible for the cancellation of the event, only partial compensation shall be paid equivalent to the difference remaining following deduction of that proportion of the outlay which the organiser has already made which is assigned to the athlete; the onus shall be on the athlete to demonstrate that this outlay was lower. If an athlete who has already registered does not turn up at the start or they declare to the organiser in advance that they are unable to take part, there shall be no entitlement to repayment of the entry fee as an administration fee. This shall also apply in the event that the athlete withdraws for a justified reason; however, in the latter case the onus shall be on the athlete to demonstrate that the organisational outlay incurred by the athlete for passing on their starting place would have been less than the entry fee which they paid.

All starters who register in time will receive the event information and their registration confirmation sent to them in advance. Registrations after this date will be processed, but they will not receive a reply with the registration confirmation. REGISTRATION CHANGES are NOT possible.

Register online

In the team ranking (1st-3rd place), teams made up of 3 people of any gender and age are ranked. It is important that a standard notation is used for the CLUB name.