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Permitted use of the WEBSITE
The use of the WEBSITE including access by the user and navigation by the user on the WEBSITE is conditional on compliance with these terms and conditions of use and the valid and applicable Span-ish regulations. Users of this WEBSITE may use the WEBSITE and its content for private purposes. Changing the content or using the content for commercial purposes – copying, distributing in public or furnishing to third parties beyond the scope of private use – is absolutely prohibited. The use of this WEBSITE is solely and exclusively permitted under compliance with the statutory regulations and these terms and conditions of use. The only permitted use is registering for the TUI-Marathon and all other legal use of the functions installed on the WEBSITE. The following provisions apply in particular:

a) The user is responsible for all acts on the WEBSITE that are performed under his name if the password the user chose was entered.

b) The user must be at least 18 years old and legally fully competent.

c) The user must ensure that all information that he provides concerning his person are completely true.

d) The WEBSITE may not be used for false or fraudulent actions.

e) Making threats, coercive or defamatory statements or the transmission of pornographic, racist or racially inciting or any other kind of proscribed material is expressly forbidden.

f) The user may not change, copy, publish, sell or otherwise pass on to third parties the WEBSITE and its content. Making a single copy of the page for private, non-commercial use is however permitted.

g) Files that contain software or other material subject to industrial rights or copyrights or which are given protection in the context of privacy protection may not be put into circulation. This is not the case if the user has such rights or the user has obtained the requisite authorisation.

h) Files that contain viruses, corrupted files or software that could damage the operation of a com-puter belonging to a third party may not be uploaded.

i) References by and to the author, legal notices, notice of ownership or marks that are part of a downloaded file (software or other material) may not be deleted or changed.

j) Goods or services may not be bought or sold. Surveys, competitions or chain letters may not be conducted or passed on.

Links may not be made in frames without the COMPANY’s prior written authorisation.

The above provisions also apply to any bulletin boards, chat rooms and other communication forums on the WEBSITE.

Any possible forums represent forms of public and not private communication. The COMPANY does not check nor authorise any of the content belonging to third parties in these forums. The COMPANY reserves the right without any notification to remove any content in these forums communicated or sent by users.

On request the user undertakes to release the COMPANY and its associated companies, partner companies and employees from any claims made by third parties (including reasonable costs for legal measures) that arise from inadmissible, unauthorised, improper or otherwise illegal use by the user of the WEBSITE and its content.

Access to the WEBSITE
Access to the WEBSITE is free. Irrespective thereof the access to certain services that are offered on the WEBSITE may now or in the future depend on the payment of a price and will be pointed out on a case basis. In this case the user undertakes to properly safeguard his access data (username and password) as they are assigned exclusively to the user for his own use. The user is solely responsible for their proper safekeeping and use.

Although the COMPANY aims to provide the users with continuous access to the WEBSITE there are different ways in which continuous access can be interrupted. In this case the COMPANY will notify the users thereof in time if this is at all possible. The COMPANY is in no way liable for damages that the user might suffer as a consequence of an interruption to access to the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY reserves the right at its own discretion to refuse any access to the WEBSITE or parts thereof without notice.

Use of data, provision of data
Personal data that are furnished to the COMPANY via the WEBSITE are treated in line the applicable statutory regulations governing privacy of data and with the notices given on the WEBSITE concerning the use of the data and the advice giving in the process of signing up).

In the interest of the user he is responsible for ensuring that the data furnished to the COMPANY are kept up to date so that they reflect at all times the current situation of the user. In all events the user alone is liable for false or inaccurate provision of data and for any damage suffered by the COMPANY or third parties as a result.

Links to and from other Websites
The WEBSITE can contain links to other internet sites that are not processed, checked, maintained or monitored by the COMPANY. The COMPANY is not liable in any way for the content of these sites. The respective owner of such sites is liable exclusively for the content. The COMPANY neither gives a guarantee nor authorisation for the content. The COMPANY is in no way liable for the results that are achieved via these links.

Users who want to create links to this WEBSITE may not make any false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the WEBSITE or its content. It is absolutely crucial that the impression is not cre-ated that the COMPANY has permitted the link or that it monitors, authorises or accepts the contents or services on the site in question that provides the link to the WEBSITE. The creation of a link in no way establishes a relationship between the COMPANY and the owner of the site with the link to the WEBSITE. No links to the WEBSITE are permitted on sites that publish illegal or immoral information or content that contravene public order or customs or which harm the rights of third parties. The sites where links to the WEBSITE are created in line with these provisions and that provide access to the WEBSITE may not copy in any way whatsoever the content of the WEBSITE.

Updating, changes
The COMPANY does not give any guarantee about the WEBSITE and its contents being fully up-dated and correct around-the-clock but nevertheless undertakes to the best of its ability to achieve this goal.

The COMPANY reserves the right to make changes to the WEBSITE or its content at any time. This applies in particular to the selection of providers, features, information, databases or their content.

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