Use and provision of data

Use of data, provision of data
Personal data that are furnished to the eichels: Event via the are treated in line the applicable statutory regulations governing privacy of data and with the notices given on the WEBSITE concern-ing the use of the data (see General Terms and Conditions and the advice giving in the process of signing up).

In the interest of the user he is responsible for ensuring that the data furnished to eichels: Event are kept up to date so that they reflect at all times the current situation of the user. In all events the user alone is liable for false or inaccurate provision of data and for any damage suffered by eichels: Event or third parties as a result.

Note on how your data will be used
The details given are stored, processed and used for purposes of organising and holding the event. Family name, first name, year of birth, town, club/association membership, start number and result (place and time) are published on the internet and in the press.

Transmission of data to third parties and publication of data
For billing, payment of registration fees and the implementation of the competition, as well as timing and results in the competition, we pass the data on to mika: timing GmbH, Strundepark - Kürtener Straße 11b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, Tel. +49 2202 2401 -0, fax. +49 2202 2401-29 |
The e-mail address will be sent to our photo-partner in order to inform you of the availability of photos taken during the event:, Vordere Weichselgartenstr. 12b, 90522 Oberasbach, Tel. +49 (0) 911 9996 8571.
The sending of special offers for registered participants (digital goodie bag) takes place via: Fanomena GmbH (Eventbaxx), Dudweilerstrasse 71, 66111 Saarbruecken, info(at)

The partipant consents to the use of photos taken, film recording and interviews of and with him participating in the marathon for reporting and advertising purposes on the radio, television, print products and in photomechanical reproduction – film, video cassettes etc. – and on the internet without making any claim on his part for payment.