New post race area and exclusive area for marathon runners
The completely redesigned and all new post race area is located right after the finish line on the Friedrichswall. With this relocation we reduce the distance to the finish line and ensure a faster supply for the runners. Furthermore the new design allows a better guidance of the visitors through the mixed  zone. Another improvement is the exclusive area for marathon finishers. The starters who choose to absolve the full distance in Hannover can look forward to a separate post race area which is reserved exclusively for the participants of the 42 k race.

Post-area Catering
This years post-area catering will contain the following products:
• Cereal bar
• Savory Snacks
• Chocolate Buns
• Fruit gums
• Dextro Energy

As usual there will be water, apple spritzer, BCA's, ERDINGER (alcohol free) and bananas available.

Course services

Catering along the course
Catering (VP, Verpflegungspunkt) or refreshment (EP, Erfrischungspunkt) points will be set up at every 5 km on both the marathon and half-marathon courses so that good provisioning is guaranteed. After crossing the finish line, each participant will receive a medal; after this, participants enter the catering street (VPS, Verpflegungsstraße) and will be lead to the wardrobe an massages later on.

Bringing your own supplies
Such supplies may be deposited at the Info Counter of the Neues Rathaus until 8.00 a.m. on Sunday.
Catering points for own nutrition are: EP 2, VP 3, VP 5, VP 7, VP 9, VP 11, VP 13, VP 15.
Two catering points will be set up for the 10 km Run and Walk.

Medical assistance will be provided by the St. John’s Ambulance Service (Johanniter Unfallhilfe) at critical points along the course, refreshing- and nutrition points (except RP 1) and in the finish line area.

There are toilets at all refreshing- and nutrition points.

Route information/ course services

Get detailed route maps » here.

The marathon course has been officially measured to be 42.195 km.

The course in Hannover is very level and fast. There are signs bearing the inscription “Strecke” (route) along the entire length.
Please follow the stewards’ instructions and pay attention to the signage.
The courses have been officially measured and there is a marker sign for each kilometre.
The course will be kept free of traffic by the police and volunteers for all runs.
The target time for the marathon is 6:00 hours, and 3:15 hours for the half-marathon. Please understand that if you exeed these times you will be picked up by the “sweeper bus”. This will also be done for your own safety. Escort vehicles (cars, bicycles, motorbikes) are not permitted on the course.

Kids’ Race/ Charity Run
The Charity Run and Kids’ Race courses go around Maschpark. The start and finish lines are in front of the Town Hall.

Pacemakers will be in place at the start of the ADAC Marathon Hannover to set the marathon target times of 3:00 to 5:00 hours.
Overall, the following pacemakers – identified by big balloons and "FOLLOW-ME" T-shirts – will be on the course, to help the runners attain their target time.
Three pacemakers are usually allocated per target time. This ensures that each target time is achieved.

Marathon: 3:00 h - 3:15 h - 3:30 h - 3:45 h - 4:00 h - 4:15 h - 4:30 h - 4:45 h - 5:00 h
Halfmarathon: 1:30 h - 1:45 h - 2:00 h - 2:15 h - 2:30 h