Live-Tracking via GPS & mobile data

Your benefits:

Your family and friends can follow your position and your estimated finish time during your Road Race via our live web results service & inside the app.

  • For yourself during the race, you receive all split times and your estimated finish time LIVE in the app.
  • By using the tracking app, your position is based on GPS data and not only predicted from the last timing point.
  • Timing and tracking combined in one tool.

1. Download the Tracking APP mika:timing app

How it works

Activate mobile data on your smartphone and have the battery fully charged.

  • Start the app, choose “My Race” and login with your RegistrationID & lastname. You receive the RegistrationID with a seperate email on the day before the race.
  • Choose your privacy settings.
  • Tell your followers to get the app for free to follow you.
  • Push the “Start Tracking”-button shortly before the race starts and stop after passing the finish line.

» Download PDF


  • If not using the app, if tracking is not activated or if your privacy settings are restricted, your position on the public results pages is only predicted based on split times. By using the app though, you have the chance to get tracked more precisely.
  • Sharing your GPS position, your data is shown with a small satellite on the web results map & pages.
  • The best place to wear the phone is on the arm.
  • Make sure that you do not cover the antenna.
  • The service can only be provided with enabled mobile data and sufficient mobile network coverage.
  • mika:timing runs on Apple iPhone with iOS 10 and higher as well Android 4.4 and higher.