Your marathon jubilee is up ahead, but you don’t know where to run?

We warmly recommend to you the HAJ Hannover Marathon on April 10th 2016.

We want to honor and appreciate all your sweat drops, the countless blisters and all the torn soles and bring you a marathon jubilee of a special kind. Your start on the special day is free of charge and you can bring a runner of your choice for each hundredth marathon (100, 200, 300,…). Running your 400th marathon in Hannover means, that the start for you and four of your friends is free of charge.

After the jubilee run each runner is introduced to our » Hall of Fame, a new Online-list especially created for the world’s ultra-runners. Every person celebrating a jubilee will be highly valued herein with finishing time and year.

In addition, all Hannover Jubilee-Club runners are awarded a special certificate to commemorate the unique occasion. For registration you will receive a code to gain access to the free start. For more information concerning our Jubilee Club offer please contact us.

We are looking forward to celebrating your jubilee with us in Hannover.

Robert Kremer
Telefon: 0511-28 87 93 - 24
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Please note: The proof of the jubilee falls to the participant. All marathons, ultra-marathons und long distance runs where race results or a record of race completion is published or made available are valid. Approved participations need to be shown.