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The highlight for kids! Once again this year a lively Kids’ Run is to be held in connection with the HAJ Hannover Marathon. Up to 3.000 kids can take part!
The Fun Run invites to try a short distance race about 3.200m.

Starting blocks and -times 2019

Agegroup Color Starting time
2007-2009 orange 15:00
2010 yello 15:10
2011 red 15:25
2012 green 15:40
2013 purple 15:55
2014 and younger blue 16:15
Fun Run 2011 and older 16:45

Numbers can be picked up on the weekend of the event in the Neues Rathaus (main hall) at the following times:
Friday 6 April  4 pm – 7 pm
Saturday 7 April  10 am – 3 pm

Every child who successfully finishes the course will receive a medal and a certificate. There will also be refreshments.

Registration Kids Run
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