HAJ Hannover Marathon becomes an AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championship Qualifying Race

The HAJ Hannover Marathon has joined Series XIII Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Championships as a 2021 qualifying race.Launching in Sept. 2018, the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings aims to raise awareness of the sport of marathon running by highlighting the achievements of age-group marathon runners, that otherwise might go unnoticed.

Participants in an AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Ranking qualifying race will earn points according to their age, time and gender, aligned with the following age groups for men and women: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+.

The second edition of the rankings commences on September 30th 2019 and ends on October 11th at the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon - coinciding with the conclusion of Series XIII of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. The World Championships will take place in 2021 with the venue to be announced next year

“We’re happy to be part of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group Qualifying Series,” said Stefanie Eichel, Executive Director of the HAJ Hannover Marathon.  “Our goal is to help all our athletes in achieving their personal goals, take care of them while they are in Hannover, and provide best conditions for qualifying for a world championship.” The 30thannual HAJ Hannover Marathon, will take place on April 26, 2020 in Hanover

The Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM) is a series of six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world – Tokyo Marathon, B.A.A. Boston Marathon, Virgin Money London Marathon, BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon. more Information here.